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NEGP 2 entries open 7pm tonight (Wed May 8th)

Entry link:- https://meets.rosterathletics.com/public/competitions/details/about?id=24840 Provisional running order:- 1500m S/C 200m * 800m Heat A (Jimmy Hedley trophy) 70m Hdls 800m Heats B & C 75m Hdls 800m Heats D-G 3K * * 200 and 3,000 heats run slowest to fastest Please remember you’ll need your bib number if you competed in […]

NEGP 2 May 29th 2024

The second match in the NEGP series takes place at Monkton Stadium on May 29th, with the first track event starting at 18:30 and the first field event at 19:00. All entries are through the Roster Athletics system and entries open at 19:00 on May 8th.

NEGP 2024

All entries this year are being made through the Roster Athletics system – search NEGP on meets.rosterathletics.com. If you haven’t already done so, please make an account and set up your athletes on the account ahead of the opening date – you can see full details of how to set […]